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Lantania awarded maintenance contract for several stretches of the N-433 and N-435 in Huelva


  •  The contract amounts to 5 million euros for communication, surveillance, accident response, maintenance and operation services, amongst other services

Madrid, 30 July 2021. Since July, Lantania has been carrying out the maintenance and operation of the sections of the N-433 and N-435 roads that make up the H-02 sector in the province of Huelva. The Directorate-General of Roads, which reports to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), has awarded the company, in a joint venture with Heliopol, a 5-million-euro contract to carry out various maintenance and operation works on these roads over the next three years, with the possibility of an additional two-year extension.

The infrastructure, water and energy group performs, amongst other things, the services of communication, surveillance, accident response, maintenance of road elements and electrical energy installations, lighting, signalling and traffic lights. Lantania will also carry out maintenance and improvement works at the facilities of the sector’s Conservation and Operation Centre (COEX) located in the town of Aracena. Additionally, they will be responsible for clearing, milling and replacing the road surface, cleaning street gutters and, in general, all the maintenance and operation works of the roads.

The sections in question are the roads included in the H-02 conservation sector in the province of Huelva, with a total length of 202 km. This is the N-433, which joins the A-66 motorway with the Portuguese border at Rosal de la Frontera, from kilometre point 35+600 to 155+300, and the N-435, the road that connects Badajoz with Huelva, from kilometre point 104+282 to 169+200, as well as different old stretches with bypasses on these roads.

About Lantania

The Lantania Group builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures. It develops sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and promote a cleaner and healthier world. Lantania has a portfolio of work in progress of over 400 million euros and assets of over 125 million euros. The maintenance of the runways of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, the electrification of the first section of the high-speed train to Extremadura, the urbanisation of the Central Breakwater of the Port of Bilbao expansion or the construction of a solar plant in the City of Justice in Valencia are some of Lantania’s outstanding projects. The company has offices in Colombia, Morocco and Bulgaria.