About us

Our activities are mainly focussed on railway, water, energy, building and services projects

At Lantania, we deliver large transport, water and energy infrastructures to improve quality of life and build a cleaner, more sustainable world. We believe that there is another way to develop large and small projects through innovation, the use of advanced technologies, service and quality, always generating value for employees, customers and shareholders.

Lantania combines extensive experience with the determination and enthusiasm of a young company. Our name, derived from the wild and colourful lantana flower, identifies and defines us: we promote new ways of building to transform the world of infrastructure.

Our references, staff and technical resources guarantee the execution of any large project. We are a team of more than 1,000 professionals with an average experience of 24 years in the world of construction supported by a machinery park comprised of over 1,200 pieces of equipment.

Renowned as a leading company in the development, management and execution of infrastructure, we have participated in the construction of more than 500 km of roads, more than 160 km of railway lines and 14,000 homes. We have also carried out water intake, desalination, drinking water treatment, distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, including more than 1,000 km of pipelines. Our energy department team has built generation, transmission and distribution projects, with the construction of more than 250 MW of renewable energies in the last two years being a major highlight.

With the acquisition of the construction, facilities and services business units of the Isolux Corsán Group and the public works area of the Velasco Group, Lantania has the experience and technical resources of two leader companies with more than 90 years’ history in the infrastructure, water, energy and building sectors, along with the drive and financial strength of a new project. A development that has been reinforced by the acquisition in 2020 of Soil, Typsa and Deisa, and Balzola Polska and DSV in 2022.

At Lantania, we understand long-term business success as the combination of economic results, social action and care for the environment, with ethics and transparency as the basic foundations of our work.

The Group in numbers

  • 312 M€

    income 2022

  • 442 M€

    awarded contracts 2022

  • 1,200

    references of
    our own equipment

  • +1,000



Lantania is present on four continents

Projects and offices

Technical resources

Lantania has one of the most comprehensive machinery parks in the sector, consisting of over 1,200 pieces of equipment covering different areas: earthworks, rigid and flexible pavements, track installation machinery, lifting machinery, tunnel machinery, etc., as well as auxiliary equipment for topographic, electrical, telecommunications and environmental measurements

The department provides support to our different production units with its equipment, as well as to external companies that may rent them. It also works to optimise and advise on the acquisition or commissioning of equipment managed by the work units.

The main equipment categories are the following:

  • 28%


  • 35%


  • 10%


  • 15%

    Concrete batching plants

  • 12%


Management team

At Lantania we have a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector and a strong international profile

Federico Ávila

Chairman - Chief Executive Officer

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Andrés Álvarez

Chief Corporate Services Officer - CFO

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José Alberto Carrasco

Chief Operations Officer - COO Infrastructure and Building Works

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Luis Manuel Corrales

Chief Operations Officer - COO
Business Development/
General Manager of Maintenance and Services

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Pedro Almagro

Chief Operations Officer - COO

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Rafael Alcón

Chief Operations Officer - COO

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Investor Relations