The central axis of our strategic decisions are people, the main engine of our activity

We work every day to strengthen the relationship with our employees, with our suppliers and with the community in which we work. Diversity, equality and inclusion mark our human resources policy.

At Lantania we have adapted and made our work models more flexible to incorporate measures that ensure the well-being of our professionals.

We are a dynamic and flexible company, with professionals who have the experience and technical skills acquired over decades of work.

We have the freshness and drive of a young company that was created to be a leading company in the infrastructure, water and energy sectors.


Organisational culture

Our organisational culture reflects our vision and values; integrity and transparency guide our company’s strategy and business decisions. Innovation and continuous improvement define our way of working, which we pass on to our customers. Excellence, teamwork and enthusiasm are elements that we encourage and develop as an organisation. Excellence, teamwork, enthusiasm, diversity and equal opportunities are elements that we encourage and develop as an organisation.

At Lantania we are committed to the digital transformation of processes, promoting optimization and efficiency in the life cycle of our projects. To achieve this, we have implemented a BIM Information Management System, which meets the demanding standards of the ISO 19650 standard, thus ensuring excellence and sustainability in our work.

Human talent

It is our main asset. The continuous development of the people who make up Lantania is the basis of a team in which the quality, training and talent of its members stand out.