Press release

Lantania becomes member of the Spanish Desalination Association (AEDyR)

  • The organization has been the leader in the desalination and water reuse sector in our country for 25 years

Madrid, 8 February 2023. Lantania has become a member of the Spanish Desalination and Reuse Association (AEDyR). The Infrastructure, Water and Energy Group has just joined the entity that has been leading the desalination and water reuse sector in our country for 25 years, bringing together construction companies, engineering firms, service companies, manufacturers, universities and research centres, public administrations, as well as experts who privately wish to be in contact with this sector.

By joining AEDyR, Lantania will be able to benefit from the synergies generated within the association, as well as from the exchange of experiences and knowledge among its members. The company will contribute to the enrichment of all members through its technical expertise and innovative technological solutions. Lantania has accumulated extensive experience in projects related to the integral water cycle, such as desalination plants, urban and industrial water treatment and purification, as well as all types of hydraulic infrastructures.

AEDyR was created in 1998 to bring together the different companies and groups in this sector in Spain. The purpose of the Association, as stated in its statutes, is to “promote the appropriate use of seawater and brackish water desalination and the reuse of reclaimed wastewater, thus contributing to the sustainable management of water resources”. For that purpose, it carries out a series of activities, including its conferences, as a meeting point for the sector and the dissemination of research and technological innovations, as well as training and preparation activities for technicians.