Press release

Lantania celebrates Environment Day and takes stock of its environmental performance

  • The Group invested nearly one million euros in 2023 in initiatives focused on environmental care

Madrid, 5 June 2024. Lantania joins the celebration of World Environment Day promoted by the United Nations (UN), which this year is celebrated under the slogan ‘Our lands. Our future’. The Infrastructure, Water and Energy Group reports on its environmental performance and highlights the work carried out in this area during the past year in its Sustainability Report.

More than 49% of Lantania’s turnover is aligned with the European Union’s Environmental Taxonomy. In 2023, the company invested close to one million euros in initiatives focused on caring for the environment, demonstrating its commitment to climate action. Around 90% of this sum was allocated to R&D projects related to environmental improvement/reduction of environmental impact, such as HYLIOS, which will develop new solutions for the generation of green hydrogen through photocatalysis with treated water from wastewater treatment plants. Another project is the MOFsDEL project, which is working on the creation of electrochemical technologies that will improve costs and optimise current desalination processes.

One of Lantania’s achievements is that 22.1% of its electricity consumption now comes from renewable sources. The company consumed 1,116 MWh of electricity in 2023, of which 193 MWh came from renewable sources and 53 MWh from the self-consumption solar installation at the Traviesas y Prefabricados de Aragón (Typsa) factory. In addition, the company verified its carbon footprint last year by registering it with the Spanish Climate Change Office.

Lantania has an ‘Energy Saving and Efficiency Best Practices Manual’ for its construction sites, offices and fixed centres. This guide contains detailed directives and best practices to promote responsible energy use in each of its operational areas, offering clear guidelines to promote an organisational culture oriented towards energy efficiency.

As part of its Strategic Plan, Lantania applies the principles of the circular economy of waste hierarchy: prevent and reduce waste generation, maximise reuse and recycling, promote recovery and avoid disposal. The company prioritises the reuse of excavated soils and natural materials and the recovery of construction and demolition waste (CDW). Lantania allocates 97% of the waste it generates to reuse, recycling or other forms of recovery, exceeding the 70% target set by Europe.

In addition, during the past year, Lantania successfully implemented a digital platform to optimise traceability and document waste management monitoring  at construction sites, one of the key objectives of its Strategic Plan. The introduction of this technology allows the company to monitor waste management in order to analyse and set specific goals for waste prevention and minimisation.

Lantania’s largest consumption of resources occurs at construction sites, where common construction materials are used. In contrast, in the company’s offices, consumption is mainly related to administrative tasks, such as the use of paper. The digitisation of documents and their digital signature through a technological solution has enabled the company to save 44,148 documents and invoices in paper consumption in 2023, which in weight translates into a saving of more than 220 kg of paper.