Press release

Lantania certifies its Health and Safety Management System


  •  Obtains ISO 45001: 2018 certification from Aenor

Madrid, 2nd July 2020. Lantania has obtained the ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management certification granted by Aenor. This certificate accredits companies that have an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that helps prevent occupational risks and is committed to continuous improvement. ISO 45001 is the highest international standard in occupational risk prevention and marks the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its workers, the elimination of all existing risks, the promotion of health and to healthy habits in the company. This standard also reinforces the role of senior management in leading the management system.

The new standard, implemented by Lantania voluntarily to replace the OHSAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment), incorporates improvements that consolidate the healthy and safe working conditions of the company’s workplaces, while strengthening the preventive culture that characterises the company, eliminating hazards and proactively reducing risks.

Among the improvements brought about by the implementation of this new certification, the reinforcement of leadership and commitment of senior management and the promotion of consultation and active participation of employees at all levels by providing the mechanisms, time, training and resources necessary for this purpose stand out.

Lantania has also successfully audited its Quality and Environmental Management Systems. The company has renewed its certification for Quality Management according to ISO 9001 and Environmental Management according to ISO 14001, both granted by Aenor.

About Lantania

Lantania builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures to improve quality of life and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world. The company has a portfolio of work in progress of more than 250 million euros and assets of more than 80 million euros. The construction of the Almudévar dam (Huesca) and the bridge over the Genil River in Huétor-Tajar (Granada), the expansion of the Guadalajara Hospital and the electrification of the first section of the Ave to Extremadura are some of its most outstanding projects.