Press release

Lantania completes the work on the Amaniel-Álamo axis in the centre of Madrid


  • The renovation of these spaces represented an investment of 1.4 million euros

Madrid, 20th January 2020. On behalf of the Madrid City Council, Lantania has completed the renovation of the Amaniel-Álamo axis in the centre of the capital. The renovation of calles Alamo, Amaniel and de los Reyes, between the Plaza de los Mostenses and calle del Conde Duque, represented an investment of 1.4 million euros.

The work has improved citizen access in the area by giving priority to pedestrians and public transport. In this way, wider pavements have been built and a larger wooded area has been provided. In addition, the actions carried out include rearranging the parking and loading/unloading areas and reducing the width of the vehicle lanes.

The works carried out by Lantania also included the renovation of all the pavements and paving, the arrangement of new street furniture and the renovation of the public lighting by means of a new channelled installation with more efficient streetlamps. Accessibility has been one of the priority actions. In this sense, the renovation carried out guarantees that all pedestrian routes are accessible, for which the width of the pavements has been extended and tactile paving has been incorporated in pedestrian crossings and bus stops.

The delegate of Works and Equipment of the Madrid City Council, Paloma García Romero, together with the councillor president of the Central district, José Fernández, the president of Lantania, Federico Ávila and the general manager of the company Luis Corrales, verified first-hand the completion of work during a visit last week.