Press release

Lantania confirms sectional completion of the Guadalajara hospital extension project

  •  The work enters the home straight, with only the connecting building still to be built

Madrid, 18th October 2021. Lantania has completed the first leg of construction on the extension of the Guadalajara University Hospital, delivering this part of the project to the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM). Last August, Lantania and Vías, co-partner in this joint venture, confirmed completion of the extension building and of the waste and installation sites, handing over to the developers.

The work on the health centre extension is almost complete, with only the connecting building still to be built. The first units, the Emergency department, operating theatres, ICU and Haemodynamics units, will soon be moved to the new facilities. The next step will be the demolition of the current Emergency department and operating theatres in order to connect the old and new sections of the hospital.

The extension of the Guadalajara University Hospital has doubled the surface area of the facility from 53,000 square metres to 117,000 square metres. In addition, bed capacity will increase from 403 to a total of 603, which can be extended to 771. The number of emergency room cubicles will increase from 17 to 25, outpatient rooms from 185 to 251 and operating theatres from 11 to 19.