Press release

Lantania expands Tradebe’s biological wastewater treatment plant at the Port of Barcelona


  •  The company will be in charge of the engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the facility

Madrid, 1th September 2021. Lantania will carry out the expansion of Tradebe’s biological wastewater treatment plant at the Port of Barcelona (Ecoimsa), located in the Muelle de la Energía (Energy Dock) in Barcelona. The project undertaken by the infrastructure, water and energy group includes the implementation of a second biological treatment line using raised aerobic biological reactor technology followed by separation by ultrafiltration membranes providing a hydraulic treatment capacity of 400 m3/day.

The works, which began last July, are scheduled to take six months to complete. Lantania will head up the engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the facility. The extension is scheduled to come into operation in January 2022.

This move will double the Port’s capacity to treat its customers’ wastewater. The expansion of the biological treatment plant carried out by Lantania is part of the renovation project of Tradebe’s facilities at the Port of Barcelona. The works will adapt the facilities to the current service needs of reception, treatment and recovery of waste generated by ships arriving in Barcelona.

Tradebe, present in the Port of Barcelona since 1992, is a leading global company in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, among others. Tradebe employs approximately 2,600 people worldwide and operates more than 90 facilities in Europe (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy) and the United States.

About Lantania

The Lantania Group builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures. It develops sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and promote a cleaner and healthier world. Lantania has a portfolio of work in progress of over 400 million euros and assets of over 125 million euros. The maintenance of the runways of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, the electrification of the first section of the high-speed train to Extremadura, the urbanisation of the Central Breakwater of the Port of Bilbao expansion or the construction of a solar plant in the City of Justice in Valencia are some of Lantania’s outstanding projects. The company has offices in Colombia, Morocco and Bulgaria.