Press release

Lantania obtains the ‘Calculo’ badge from the Ministry for Ecological Transition

  • The Group calculates and records its greenhouse gas emissions

Madrid, 19 February 2024. Lantania has been awarded the ‘Calculo’ badge by the Spanish Office for Climate Change under the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. This badge is awarded to organisations that calculate and record their carbon footprint and have a strategic plan to reduce their emissions.

The infrastructure, water and energy Group has voluntarily joined the carbon footprint registry, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and responsible management of its operations. The badge has been awarded for the years 2021 and 2022 and its scope encompasses all Lantania Group companies in Spain.

The Carbon Footprint Registry, Offsetting and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects badge was created by the Ministry for Ecological Transition to combat climate change by encouraging the calculation and reduction of carbon footprints, as well as the promotion of emission reduction projects. This badge recognises three levels of participation for a defined period: carbon footprint calculation, reduction and offsetting. Lantania has successfully completed the first phase and is already working towards those that succeed it.