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Lantania will renovate and expand the RACE Sports Club


  •  The work, with time to completion of almost a year and a half, will affect a built area of 7,517 m2

Madrid, 3rd December. Lantania will carry out the renovation and expansion of the RACE Sports Club according to the plans of architects Reyes Olea Rico and Hector Barrio Dominguez. The building, constructed in 1967 and located in the Ciudalcampo urbanisation, in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, is equipped with dressing rooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria, restaurant, chapel, lounges and games rooms to support the sports facilities of the Club.

The work, with time to completion of 17.5 months, includes the complete renovation of the Sports building, along with an extension of the built area of 877 square metres to 7,517 square metres.

The planned actions require two types of intervention. Firstly, Lantania will carry out the building extension with the construction of a daylight basement for bicycles, maintenance rooms, water and geothermal installations and an electric room with access to the outside. Above this daylight basement, a paved, walkable terrace will be built for access to the building, providing a roof for the ground-level car park. In addition, the terrace on the second floor will be partially covered with non-walkable roofs that will protect members at celebrations and events.

The second action involves the complete renovation of the three floors of the building, redistributing the spaces in a more attractive way, giving priority access, views and light to the most important areas, such as the cafeteria and restaurant, gymnasium, living areas and chapel. In this way, the back of the complex will house the secondary and service spaces such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and waste storage areas.

The renovation also intends to unify the exterior appearance of the club complex by balancing the appearance of the buildings as a whole. The actions will also implement improvements in the energy efficiency of the facilities.

Jarama Circuit Paddock Club Complex

Lantania adds this renovation and extension of the Club Deportivo del RACE to the construction of the third building of the Jarama-RACE Circuit Paddock Club Complex. This facility, which consists of a total built area of 2,201 square metres, will be comprised of a rectangular building with two towers at the ends, which will house convention rooms, offices, large boxes, warehouses and facility rooms.

About Lantania

Lantania builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures to improve quality of life and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world. The company achieved 58.5 million euros in turnover in 2018, its first full year of activity. It has a portfolio of work in progress of more than 250 million euros and assets of more than 80 million euros.

The construction of the Almudévar dam (Huesca) and the bridge over the Genil river in Huétor-Tajar (Granada), the extension of the Guadalajara Hospital and the electrification of the first section of the AVE high-speed train to Extremadura are some of its most outstanding projects. Lantania’s staff boast on average 22 years of experience. The company also has an important machinery park with more than 1,200 references.