Press release

Lantania will refurbish the Badajoz and Mérida rail stations to get them ready for the High-Speed service


  • Adif awards the contract, worth 7.16 million euros, to refurbish both terminals to the temporary Joint Venture formed by Lantania and Estel Ingeniería y Obras


Madrid, 28 June 2019. Adif has awarded the contract to remodel the Badajoz and Mérida rail stations to the temporary Joint Venture (UTE) formed by Lantania and Estel Ingeniería y Obras. The work is budgeted at 7.16 million euros. The project will consist of a complete overhaul of the accesses and the passenger buildings, with the objective of equipping them with all the services necessary to accommodate their incorporation into the high-speed rail network.

These operations include making the necessary modifications to the buildings and their access points and surroundings, including adaptations for the platforms to accommodate the new gauges, as well as the modification of shelters and remodelling of pavements and other facilities. The construction work will begin in September and it is expected to last 11 months.

The work on the Mérida station is focused on creating a new, well-marked space in the access area, where the pedestrian zone will be differentiated from the wheeled traffic zone. In addition, an area with shops and customer service facilities will be incorporated into the station’s main building. The construction work will last eight months.

On the other hand, construction work on the Badajoz station will focus on reorganising the exterior space, prioritising pedestrian traffic over wheeled traffic with a large square that is integrated into the neighbourhood itself. The interior spaces of the station’s building will also undergo a complete remodel. In this case, the expected time frame for construction is 11 months.