Press release

Lantania joins Mafex, the Spanish Railway Association, as a partner


  •  The objective of this grouping, which comprises 84 companies, is to serve the Spanish railway sector in its internationalisation processes and in improving its competitiveness

Madrid, 11th February 2020. Lantania has joined Mafex, the Spanish Railway Association, as a partner. By joining this group, the company strengthens its position in the railway sector, which already represents 30% of its turnover. One of the differential characteristics of Lantania is its capacity to execute any type of railway project in an integral way. The company has carried out the construction of more than 25 km of tunnels, 10 km of viaducts and 50 electrical substations, as well as the assembly of 160 km of track and 1,000 km of catenary.

Among the company’s most outstanding railway projects are the electrification of the railway line in the section between Zaragoza and Teruel of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor and the first section of the AVE to Extremadura, the construction of the new suburban train station in the Valencian town of Albal and an electrical substation in Taradell (Barcelona), in addition to the remodelling of the Badajoz and Mérida stations.

The company becomes the 84th partner of Mafex, whose companies agglutinate 80% of the railway exports in Spain. The aim of the grouping is to serve the Spanish railway sector by helping its members in their internationalisation processes, as well as by defending the general interests of their companies in order to achieve the highest level of competitiveness. Created in 2004, the grouping promotes actions through activities and conferences that aim to identify synergies between different entities, share information and encourage cooperation.