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Lantania signs a contract with Nae for the development of its digital transformation plan


  • The infrastructure group will be advised by the technology consultant to improve the execution, productivity and cost control of the projects


Madrid, October 30, 2018. . Lantania has signed an agreement with the technology consultancy firm Nae for the development of its digital transformation plan. Thus, the group of infrastructures, water and energy starts a transversal project that will involve practically all the departments of the company. The Lantania digitalization plan has the double objective of supporting the execution and development of productivity as well as improving the cost control of the projects.

This process is one of the first actions of the company’s strategic plan for the 2018-2022 period. The CEO of Lantania, Federico Avila, highlights the importance for the group of a project that “consists of a process of continuous improvement, always looking for the most agile and efficient way to work hand in hand with the application and adaptation of the new technologies to all our activity “.

Nae, from a strategic and operational level, will work with Lantania throughout the digitalization process, which will go from the strategic definition and the objective model to be achieved to the subsequent implementation of a specific action plan. During the first phase of definition, the consultants will carry out an internal analysis of the current situation of the group’s IT systems and an external examination of the different market solutions and their ability to match the needs of the company. After this process the model that allows the transformation of the systems map will be defined, adapting it to the new context of the organization. Finally, Nae will develop an action plan with the necessary actions to implement the required transformation.

Andrés Álvarez, Chief Corporate Resources and Financial Officer of Lantania, and Emilio Casal, IT Director, will lead a multidisciplinary team created to handle the transformation process under the advice of Nae. The company, which understands the digitization process as a continuous transformation, plans to implement the first improvement actions in the first half of next year.

About Lantania

Lantania is the result of the acquisition of the construction, water and energy business units of Isolux Corsan by a team of former company executives. The group is structured in three main business areas: infrastructure, water and environment and energy. It has a portfolio of work in progress exceeding 200 million euros, 26 projects, and assets close to 70 million euros.