Press release

Lantania signs first contract in Slovakia together with new project in Morocco

  •  The group’s Water Division secures 18.1 million euros worth of projects
  •  The company is poised to build the secondary waste treatment system in the Slovakian city of Drahovce and the new WWTP in Salé, Morocco

Madrid, 22 Febrery 2022. Lantania accelerates its international development plans with its first contract in Slovakia and a new project in Morocco. These projects, both in the Water Division, are valued at 18.1 million euros in total. The Infrastructure, Water and Energy Group will build the secondary network in Drahovce for 9.2 million euros and the Salé Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) for 8.9 million euros.

The City Council of Drahovce has awarded Lantania a contract for the upgrading of its WWTP network in a joint venture with the local company CEDIS. The project will take a total of 18 months. Drahovce sits near the Váh river in the western Slovakian region of Trnavský. The largely flat city’s tricky orography will require the construction of six pumping stations for the collection of wastewater and its subsequent delivery to the main trap that runs through the area. In addition, Lantania will construct a pumping station that will send water through a pressure pipe to the existing well at the city of Piešťany’s WWTP.

This action is co-funded by the European Union based on its priority axis of sustainable use of natural resources through the development of environmental infrastructure to improve municipal wastewater treatment in agglomerations of more than 2,000 population equivalent (p.e.)

This is Lantania’s first contract in Slovakia and third overall in Eastern Europe, where it has projects worth 114.7 million euros. In Bulgaria, the group is remodelling the Volujak-Petarch railway line, a project awarded in 2021 for 47 million euros, and modernising the Plovdiv railway junction for 67.7 million euros, a project awarded in 2020.

WWTP in Morocco

Redal, the company that manages electricity, drinking water and wastewater distribution services in Rabat, Salé and Skhirat-Témara, has awarded Lantania, in consortium with the local company Atner, the construction of the Salé WWTP. The project, which is scheduled to last 18 months, will provide a solution for the treatment of wastewater from the Moroccan city’s centre by installing a new outfall that will direct sewage to the new treatment plant. The plant will then guarantee adequate discharge conditions to the receiving watercourse.

The new plant will be able to treat up to 75,000 p.e. with a daily flow of 10,000 cubic metres. The water line will perform pretreatment and extended biological aeration treatment as well as the elimination of nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus. It will also apply tertiary treatment. As for the sludge line, thickening and dewatering will be carried out. Salé is a city located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast adjacent to the capital Rabat, forming part of one of Morocco’s largest metropolitan areas.

About Lantania

The Lantania Group builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures. It develops sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and promote a cleaner and healthier world. Lantania has a portfolio of work in progress of over 400 million euros and assets of over 125 million euros. The maintenance of the runways of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, the electrification of the first section of the high-speed train to Extremadura, the urbanisation of the Central Breakwater of the Port of Bilbao expansion or the construction of a solar plant in the City of Justice in Valencia are some of Lantania’s outstanding projects. The company has offices in Colombia, Morocco and Bulgaria.