Press release

Lantania to build a new Forest Defence Centre in Guadix (Granada)

  • With a budget of 5.2 million euros, the facility will provide coverage for INFOCA’s ground, air and staff resources

Madrid, 11 October 2022. Lantania will build a new Forest Defence Centre (CEDEFO for its acronym in Spanish) in the town of Hernán Valle in the municipality of Guadix (Granada). The Department of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Regional Government of Andalusia awarded a public tender to the infrastructure, water and energy group to build the new centre for 5.2 million euros in a joint venture with Francisco Lucas.

The company will create a space that will increase coverage for the ground, air and staff resources of the Andalusian Forest Fire Emergency Plan (INFOCA). To this end, Lantania will extend and upgrade a landing strip for light aircraft and helicopters, as well as build additional facilities for the maintenance and parking of aerial resources. The new centre will have three buildings, one for offices, another as a temporary residence for pilots and a third as a parking, refuelling and filling facility for firefighting trucks.

The project also includes an access road and a new power line that will provide service to the centre. To comply with environmental regulations, it will have a sewage network with a rainwater collection and reuse system as well as a sewage treatment system. A well and a water treatment system will be built to supply the centre with potable water under sanitary standards.

The infrastructure will have a developed area of 8,730 m²; a total of 2,165.95 m² of this space will be used for the building and the rest dedicated to parking, manoeuvring, access and training. The runway and refuelling area will cover an area of 86,090 m². The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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