Press release

Lantania to build the access underpass to the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) at the Port of Tarragona

  • The Tarragona Port Authority has awarded the company a 6.3 million euro contract

Madrid, 2 December 2022. Lantania will build the access underpass to the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) at the Port of Tarragona. The Infrastructure, Water and Energy Group has been awarded, in a joint venture with Roma Infraestructures i Serveis, a 6.3 million euro contract, including taxes, to build an access under the C-31B road that will connect this roadway with the Piconadora roundabout, with the road exclusively for heavy vehicles and with the AP-7 and the A-7.

The work will be done in phases in order to minimise interference with road traffic and is scheduled to last 12 months. The underpass will be built with a reinforced concrete caisson constructed on-site. The work will also include all the connection branches with the different roads, drainage, signalling, lighting and safety elements.

The development of the ZAL at the Port of Tarragona will increase the port’s surface area by 20%. The new space will have 92 hectares for logistics activities and a positive impact on maritime traffic with an increase of between 2.7 and 4.6 million tons more per year. The ZAL is designed primarily for activities closely linked to maritime traffic and value-added products, such as handled products, post-industrial and pre-commercial products or services such as packaging, labelling or palletisation of cargo, among others.