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Lantania to channel the urban section of the Barenys ravine in Salou

  •  The company has been awarded a 5.4 million euro contract from Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Infrastructure of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia)

Madrid, 9 Febrery 2022. Lantania will carry out part of the channelling project of the Barenys ravine in Salou, Tarragona. Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya SAU ( has awarded the company the works of Part 1 (Cajones Zone) of the flood risk mitigation project in the Salud neighbourhood of the Costa Dorada city. This part includes the channelling of the urban section of the ravine, with the buried caissons along Barenys street from the railway tracks to the sea.

The contract awarded to Lantania amounts to 5.4 million euros including taxes and has a completion period of 18 months. Last January, the company started the first phase of the works with the beginning of the demolition of the 29 properties expropriated in Barenys street to make way for the urban channelling infrastructure that will channel the water.

In this first section of the construction of the infrastructure, a channel will be built to serve as a transition between the open-air channel and the final section of prefabricated caissons. The second section will consist of the construction of a 20-metre structure to be built under the railway track and a final section in which four precast concrete frames with internal dimensions of 5 metres wide by 2 metres high will be placed parallel over a length of 115 metres, which will eventually reach the sea.

Once the works are completed, it is expected that the Barenys ravine will have a drainage capacity of 140 cubic metres per second from the road to the sea.

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