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Lantania to commission the Tomeza electrical substation (Pontevedra, Spain)


  •  Adif AV grants the company, in a temporary joint venture with CITRACC, a contract worth 6 million euros

Madrid, 15th April 2021. Adif Alta Velocidad has granted Lantania, in a joint venture with Construcciones Instalación y Tracción (CITRACC), the supply of the necessary equipment for commissioning the electrical traction substation of Tomeza (Pontevedra), which will provide for the Atlantic Axis A Coruña-Vigo. The contract is worth 6 million euros, including taxes, designed to equip the existing facility, which currently operates as an intermediate autotransformer station, for its conversion into a traction substation.

The refurbishment works are set to be completed over a period of 12 months. The works will also affect the associated neutral catenary zone in the area and include the subsequent commissioning of new elements, by reconfiguring the control systems and integrating them into the corresponding control posts. The essential refurbishment of the Tomeza substation includes elements such as disconnectors and switches, transformers, autovalves, wiring, remote control elements and protection and control units, as well as the high voltage line for connection to Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and the relevant tests.

Lantania will also carry out the installations’ administrative and legalisation procedures before the different bodies, the commissioning of the substation, the supply of materials for the configuration of the catenary neutral zone and the reconfiguration of the necessary elements, as well as documentation and as-built drawings.

The Atlantic High-Speed Axis between A Coruña and Vigo, which will be supplied by the Tomeza substation, was inaugurated in April 2015 and is 155.6 km in length, 21.8 km shorter than the previous railway.

About Lantania

The Lantania Group builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures. It develops sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and promote a cleaner and healthier world. Lantania has a portfolio of work in progress of over 250 million euros and assets of over 80 million euros. The maintenance of the runways of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, the electrification of the first section of the high-speed train to Extremadura, the urbanisation of the Central Breakwater of the Port of Bilbao expansion or the construction of a solar plant in the City of Justice in Valencia are some of Lantania’s outstanding projects. The company has offices in Colombia, Morocco and Bulgaria.