Press release

Lantania to connect the Totana traction substation to the power grid

  • Awarded with a 5.8 million euro contract to build a high-voltage power line to link the substation to that of the REE (Spanish Electricity Grid)

Madrid, 18 May 2022. Lantania will build the connection of the Totana (Murcia) traction substation to the power grid. Adif AV has awarded the company with a 5.8 million euro contract, including taxes, for the construction of a high voltage power line from the Totana distribution substation of the Red Eléctrica Española (Spanish Electricity Grid) to the Adif AV traction substation in Totana.

The railway infrastructure manager’s (Adif) substation will be supplied through the installation of a 400 kV two-phase double-circuit overhead line. The execution period for the work is 11 months. This line will not form part of the REE (Spanish Electricity Grid) as such, since it is a consumer facility for the exclusive use of Adif AV and is considered railway infrastructure.

This is part of the development of the Murcia-Almería High-Speed Line (LAV), in the section between Murcia and Lorca. The high-voltage power line, which will be approximately 12.5 km long, will feed the Totana traction substation and thus channel electricity to the overhead contact line (catenary) of the high-speed railway in its area of influence.

Lantania will carry out the civil works and construction of the concrete foundations for the exterior facilities. Additionally, the company will build the steel structures for the exterior equipment, the platform and the building for the high and low voltage equipment of the substation and the return cable conduits to the track.