Press release

Lantania to to be at the XII Jornadas Españolas de Presas

  •  The head of the company’s Hydraulic Works Department will give a talk on the pumping and turbine operation of the Almudévar reservoir

Madrid, 28th September 2021. Lantania will be at the XII Jornadas Españolas de Presas (12th Spanish Dams Conference) that are taking place from September 27th to October 1st at the Palacio de Congresos de Canarias, Alfredo Kraus (Alfredo Kraus Conference Centre), in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The head of the Hydraulic Works Department of the company’s Technical Office, Antonio Jesús Díaz, will participate on the panel this Wednesday alongside the works director and technical adviser of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation, Raimundo Lafuente on ‘The role of dams in the energy transition. Hydroelectric developments and hydraulic energy storage’ with a talk on the pumping and turbine operation of the Almudévar reservoir (Huesca).

This hydraulic infrastructure, whose construction was carried out with the help of Lantania, will have a capacity of 169.71 cubic hectometres and will regulate the flows of the Gállego and Cinca rivers, using a catchment in the Monegros canal, with the aim of increasing the water supply in the Alto Aragón irrigation system. The Almudévar reservoir will close with two “all-in-one” type loose material dams, and its main function will be to satisfy irrigation demands, also allowing electricity to be generated while the reservoir is being released.

The XII Jornadas Españolas de las Presas are organised by the Spanish National Committee of Large Dams (SPANDCOLD). During the meeting, all those issues of water regulation and use that are considered to be of special interest to public administrations and bodies, companies, professionals, universities and research centres will be discussed and analysed. This edition has an international purpose, with a special session in collaboration with the National Committees of Large Dams of China (CHINCOLD), Brazil (CBDB) and the United States (USSD).