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Lantania will build and commission the new wastewater treatment plant in San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife)


  •  The contract awarded by the Council amounts to 2.2 million euros
  •  The company is responsible for 7.8 million euros in projects to improve the sewage network in the Abona region

Madrid, 17th June 2021. The Council of Tenerife has awarded the construction and commissioning of the new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in San Miguel de Abona to the joint venture formed by Lantania and El Silbo Construcciones. The contract is worth 2.2 million euros and the works are scheduled to take 14 months to complete. The infrastructure, water and energy group will carry out the construction and commissioning of a new transitional WWTP using the existing pre-treatment facilities at the San Miguel wastewater treatment plant (Amarilla Golf).

The new San Miguel de Abona WWTP will combine a biological reactor, a decanter and sludge treatment plant as well as a connection to the existing treatment plant. The technical solution is intended to be transitional, designed to improve waste-water treatment and discharge in the lower part of San Miguel, which includes the villages of Las Chafiras (lower section), Las Cabezadas, El Guincho, Amarilla Golf, Golf del Sur and San Blas, until the regional system for waste-water treatment, purification, reuse and discharge in the district of Arona Este-San Miguel is completed and comes into operation.

Lantania is participating in the improvement of the sewage and water treatment system in the Abona region in the south of the island of Tenerife, with two contracts totalling 7.8 million euros. In addition to the award of the San Miguel de Abona WWTP project, Lantania has recently signed a contract to build the new Ensenada Pelada Wastewater Treatment and Pumping Station for 5.6 million euros.

About Lantania

The Lantania Group builds large transport, water and energy infrastructures. It develops sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and promote a cleaner and healthier world. Lantania has a portfolio of work in progress of over 400 million euros and assets of over 125 million euros. The maintenance of the runways of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, the electrification of the first section of the high-speed train to Extremadura, the urbanisation of the Central Breakwater of the Port of Bilbao expansion or the construction of a solar plant in the City of Justice in Valencia are some of Lantania’s outstanding projects. The company has offices in Colombia, Morocco and Bulgaria.