Press release

Lantania’s Director of Infrastructure Business Development, AEC Medal of Honour

  • The facility will increase the mine drainage water treatment capacity for the future mining complex

Madrid, 7 June 2024. Lantania’s Director of Infrastructure Business Development, José Nofuentes, has been awarded the Road Medal of Honour with Special Mention by the Spanish Road Association (AEC), in recognition of his professional career and commitment. The award ceremony, conducted by the president of the AEC, Juan Francisco Lazcano, took place last Thursday in the Assembly Hall of the School of Civil Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid.

Nofuentes, a civil engineer from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, with a Master’s Degree in Traffic Engineering and Civil Engineering, has been part of the Lantania Group since 2019. He has an extensive professional career, having held management positions at Grupo Velasco, Copcisa, CHM Constructora and Grupo Elsamex. Last March, he was appointed Trustee of the Foundation of the Spanish Road Association (FAEC), a position he will hold for the next four years.

The Road Medals of Honour were created in 1966 as a public recognition to the men and women who, on construction sites or from their offices, work every day to make safe and high-quality roads. Since then, a distinguished list of professionals – labourers, truck drivers, doctors, engineers, senior government officials, civil guards, etc. – have been awarded this recognition, professionals who have voluntarily and altruistically embraced the legend printed on the back of the Medals, ‘Better roads for a better world’.