Red Sea water infrastructure project (Saudi Arabia)
Type of work:
Wastewater treatment and supply
Saudi Arabia
  • 16,000 m3/d

    Treatment capacity

  • 38 km

    Drinking water line length

Red Sea water infrastructure project (Saudi Arabia)

Red Sea’s project is based on the development of a new luxury resort city located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, whose construction is committed to the conservation of the natural environment according to the highest standards, through the use of renewable energy and water reuse.

Lantania is participating in this project through the construction of the following infrastructure:

• Design and construction of temporary marine works for the water intake of 15,000 m3/day from a temporary desalination plant.

• Design and construction of a 38 km network of drinking water pipelines consisting of:

  • Pumping station
  • 28 km of pipelines up to 700 mm in diameter
  • 10 km of secondary branches up to 250 mm in diameter

• Design, supply of equipment and start-up of a 16,000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant, using wetland typology.