About Lantania

Our activity is mainly focused on road, railway infrastructures, buildings, water and energy projects.

Lantania formally started its activity at the beginning of 2018 with the acquisition of the construction, water and energy business units of the Isolux Corsán Group and the later acquisition of Grupo Velasco in 2019.

The company brings together the experience and technical resources of those two companies with almost 90 years of history in the infrastructure, building construction, water and energy markets with the enthusiasm and financial strength of the new project.

Mission, vision and values

At Lantania we share a mission, a vision and the same values.


We make large transportation, water and energy infrastructures a reality in order to improve the quality of life and build a cleaner and more sustainable world, generating value for our customers, employees and shareholders.



To be a world leader in helping our clients create large infrastructures through innovation, advanced use of technologies, service and quality.



Integrity and transparency, Innovation and continuous improvement, Excellence, Responsibility, Teamwork and enthusiasm.



We make large transportation, water and energy infrastructures a reality in order to improve the quality of life and build a cleaner and more sustainable world, generating value for our customers, employees and shareholders.


To be a world leader in helping our clients create large infrastructures through innovation, advanced use of technologies, service and quality.


– Integrity and transparency.
– Innovation and continuous improvement.
– Excellence.
– Responsibility.
– Teamwork and enthusiasm.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture identifies our way of being and acting.

We avoid conformism, we are open to change and continuous improvement.

We work quickly and efficiently.

We draw conclusions from our successes and failures to apply them in the future.

We always act with a shareholder mentality.

We share the information and we work as a team.

We respect our colleagues, clients and other collaborators.

We build trust and strong long-term relationships.

We understand the organization as a unique team, at the service of the company’s goals.

Added Value

Our team

Our team has an extensive experience, with an average of more than 22 years working in this market.

Information Systems

La Efficiency and quality are in our DNA, so we have the best systems in the market, including SAP or BIM.

Technical Equipment

Machinery Park with more than 1,200 references.

Proven Solvency

References, personnel and technical means that guarantee the development of any large project.


Our health, safety and environmental systems and our quality assurance and control protocols have been audited by AENOR.

Customer Focus

All our solvency at the service of our customers.

Technical Equipment

The Machinery Park Department is made up of more than 1,200 equipments covering different work areas: earthworks, rigid and flexible pavements, machinery for track installations, lifting machinery, machinery for tunnels, etc. as well as auxiliary equipment for topographic, electrical, telecommunications and environmental measurement.

The Department provides support to the different production units through the available equipment, as well as to external companies requesting the hiring of the same. It also optimizes and advises on the acquisition or start-up of the equipment managed by the work units.

The most relevant equipments are the following:

  • 28%


  • 35%


  • 10%

    Earth movement

  • 15%

    Concrete plants

  • 12%


Quality and Environmental

Lantania has implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System that is an integral part of its activities.

The principles by which they are governed are gathered through our Quality and Environmental Policy, all of them according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The Lantania Management Team demonstrates its leadership and commitment to management systems, ensuring that they are compatible with the context and strategic management of our organisation. The operational implementation of this commitment is integrated at all levels of management with active support from our entire organization.

Our main advantages are:

  • Guarantee the ability to provide products and services that meet the requirements of our customers.

  • Facilitate opportunities to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Address the risks and opportunities associated with our context and our objectives.

  • Identify, design, develop and manage innovative solutions.

  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Health and Safety

The management of Lantania considers as an essential objective to protect the people who work in our company against labour risks, so that they satisfy their right to effective protection in terms of health and safety at work. For this reason, Lantania establishes this Health and Safety Policy as a model for the performance of its activities and a reference for its Health and Safety Management System. Through this policy we are committed to:

  • Analyze the procedures, processes, techniques, means and raw materials in order to eliminate, reduce or control the different types of concurrent occupational risks.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks of the activity, in order to eliminate, avoid or reduce exposure to the risks.
  • To prevent damage and deterioration of health with the aim of reducing accidents and labour diseases.
  • To guarantee general information to employees through their representatives, as well as direct information on the specific risks affecting their respective jobs or functions and on the implementation and prevention measures applicable to these risks.
  • To ensure that workers are consulted and allowed to participate in all matters affecting health and safety at work.
  • To guarantee to the worker a formation in health and safety at work, sufficient and adapted for the correct development of their jobs.
  • To guarantee the human and material resources necessary for the fulfillment of the preventive activity.
  • Comply with the applicable legislation on Health and Safety and other Health and Safety requirements subscribed by the organization subscribes. Maintain the corresponding information available and conveniently updated.
  • To develop, implement and periodically review the Health and Safety at work System appropriate to our organization, as well as to adopt measures that allow for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of said system.

All employees are responsible for demonstrating health and safety behaviors, as well as reporting possible risks to workers’ health and safety. This policy is maintained and promoted with the commitment of all the directors, managers and employees of Lantania.S.L.

Code of Ethics

As part of our Compliance Policy we have assumed the commitment of the approval of Lantania’s Code of Ethics. This document reflects our mission, vision and values and the promotion of a compliance culture is its main objective, not only regarding the regulations applicable to the organization but also regarding our main values.

Our Code of Ethics is addressed to all members of the company and external collaborators, third parties or business partners who were legally or contractually obliged to comply, as well as to all controlled organizations or subsidiaries.

Steering committee

At Lantania we have a group of highly qualified professionals, with extensive experience in the sector and a marked international profile.

Federico Ávila

Chief Executive Officer

Andrés Álvarez

Chief Corporate and Financial Officer

Jose Alberto Carrasco

Chief Operations Officer – Water and Infrastructure

Luis Manuel Corrales

Chief Operations Officer – Services and Maintenance

Antonio Espiñeira

Chief Operations Officer - Energy

José Nofuentes

Chief Business Development Officer