Press release

Lantania conducts desalination training session at Saudi Water Partnership Company

  • The company trains 40 professionals from the Saudi public entity in chargcompany trains 40 professionals from the Saudi public entity in charge of water PPP project development

Madrid, 12 March 2024. Lantania has offered a training session on desalination to staff at the Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC), the public entity in charge of the development of water projects under the public-private partnership (PPP) scheme in Saudi Arabia. Lantania Water’s Business Development Director, Antonio Borrero, together with the Desalination Technical Director, Juan García Millán, the Middle East Business Development Director, Michael Wafai, and the R&D Business Development Manager, Hicham El Bakouri, were in charge of a two-day training workshop in Riyadh last week.

A total of 40 technicians from various SWPC departments participated. Concepts such as the evolution of different technologies, designs and configurations used were covered, as well as trends in research, analysis of the desalination market and its expected evolution. The course also included analysis of different financing models, key factors in the successful development of a desalination plant under the BOT model and the evolution of water tariffs and energy consumption in recent years.

The training for SWPC employees was aimed at exchanging know-how and strengthening their teams. The Jubail 3A desalination plant, which will shortly celebrate its first year of operation, was presented as a technical case study. Built with the assistance of Lantania, this facility generates 600,000m3 of drinking water per day to supply a population equivalent of 1,600,000 inhabitants, guaranteeing the supply to the provinces of Oriental, Riyadh and Oassim in Saudi Arabia.