Press release

Lantania wins new railway construction contracts valued at 28.5 million euros


  • It will carry out the electrification of the Zaragoza-Teruel section of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean rail corridor and will build the new Albal rail station in Valencia

Madrid, 21 November 2019. This month, Lantania was awarded two new railway infrastructure contracts, totalizing 28.5 million euros. The Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administration Office (Adif) has awarded the contract for the electrification of the Zaragoza-Teruel section of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean rail corridor to a temporary JV with Comsa Instalaciones y Sistemas. This contract is valued at 23.5 million euros. In addition to this construction work, Lantania will also build a new rail station in the Valencian town of Albal. This station is expected to cost almost 5 million euros.

Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor, Teruel-Zaragoza section

The main work will consist of the erection of two electrical traction substations in Cariñena and Villafranca, for the 220-kV high-voltage line connecting the Calamocha substation to the Villafranca substation, and 11 intermediate auto-transformer centres, as well as electrifying the section. This construction work is expected to last 15 months.

Lantania will execute the civil work and construction of the foundations for the exterior equipment, the platforms, and the buildings that will house the substations and auto-transformer centres. In addition, the group will improve the access roads to the facilities, install the traction transformer, and supply and assemble the rest of the materials needed for the 220-kV high voltage overhead line, as well as be in charge of the tests and commissioning.

These projects are part of the Master Plan for the Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto rail line, whose objective is to upgrade the current infrastructure to improve this section of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor, especially for cargo transport. The Plan focuses on facilitating port-rail connections between logistics hubs on this rail route.

The Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor connects, via a high-performance, mixed-traffic line, the Mediterranean Corridor with the Cantabrian Corridor through Teruel, the Ebro Valley Axis, La Rioja, Navarra, the Basque Country, and Cantabria.

Albal Rail Station

The new Albal station will be located in the Valencia Nord-Silla section of the Valencian light rail network, between the Silla and Catajorra stations. The construction work is expected to last 18 months. These operations entail the construction of two buildings, located next to each platform. Both will have 423 m2 of constructed surface area, will have access controls on both sides, and will be connected by an underground tunnel. The construction work includes the replacement of all of the communications and security installations needed to incorporate the new station into the rail system.

Lantania will also construct the platforms, an 86-square-metre utility building, and will carry out the development work on the lot destined to be used for the station, as well as the connection of the tracks to the existing lines. The total space occupied by this construction will be 6,126 m2, with a total of 2,899 m2 for vehicle traffic, which includes a car park with 74 spaces, 489 m2 of landscaped areas, and 2,738 m2 of pedestrian traffic areas.