Electrical substation in Corella (Navarra)
Type of work:
Railway electrification
CAF Group (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles)

Electrical substation in Corella (Navarra)

The scope of the works perfomed by Lantania included the detailed engineering and the construction of a multi-voltage traction electrical substation for the CAF Group (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) in the municipality of Corella (Navarra). This substation is used to power the test and trial railway circuit that the CAF Group built in the municipality on the old railway line that connects Soria with Castejón, the first of its kind to be created in Spain.

The electrical substation supplies power at 1,500 Vdc and 750 Vdc in both overhead line and third rail. In addition, it has reserve space to expand the installation and add the single-phase voltage level of 25 KVac (50Hz) and, additionally, 3,000 Vdc.

Important magnitudes:

  • Three 3 MVA dry transformers.
  • Three DC rectifier groups (1,500 Vdc-750 Vdc) for power supply to third rail and overhead line.
  • Three feeder gantries with a total of 19 motorised disconnectors.
  • 24 KV medium voltage cubicle.
  • Continuous cubicle(1,500 Vdc-750 Vdc).
  • Two battery rectifier chargers and UPS.
  • Auxiliary installations: PCI, air conditioning, ventilation, Low Voltage and lighting.
  • Cable laying: 14 km (MT) and 25 km (LV/control).