Las Rosas urban park (Tenerife)
Type of work:
Arona City Hall

Las Rosas urban park (Tenerife)

Lantania, in a joint venture with the company El Silbo, built the Las Rosas urban park in Tenerife, whose main objective was to revitalise the area with a project that would improve and enhance the use of the park, through the following actions:

  • Demolitions and earthworks.
  • Sanitation, plumbing, drainage and sanitary fixtures.
  • Foundations and structures.
  • Brickwork, coatings, waterproofing and painting.
  • Pavements and tiling.
  • Carpentry and locksmithing.
  • Electrical and irrigation installations.
  • Urban equipment and landscaping.

Important magnitudes:

  • 9,353 m2 of built area.
  • 2,155 m3 of excavation, 2,572 m3 of backfill and 3,985 m3 of compacting.
  • 2,300 m2 of natural stone pavement and 982 m2 of rubber.
  • 70 m2 of interior building for gardening services.
  • 372 m of perimeter walls.
  • 436 m2of phenolic panels and 8 m2 of wood panels for the enclosure of the new pergolas.
  • 45 m2 of fountains.