Puigpelat WWTP (Tarragona)
Type of work:
Urban water treatment
Agencia Catalana del Agua
  • 300 m3/d


  • 1,500

    Inhabitants supplied

Puigpelat WWTP (Tarragona)

The new Puigpelat (Tarragona) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), built by Lantania in a JV with Romà Infraestructures i Serveis, consists of compact pretreatment, biological treatment using activated sludge with prolonged aeration organic matter and nutrient removal and sludge treatment through rhizocomposting, with a capacity to treat 300 m3 per day, equivalent to a population of 1,500 inhabitants.

This treatment plant handles the wastewater generated in the urban area of Puigpelat, from Sínia i els Arcs, and will discharge the treated water into the Torrent dels Caus (Francolí river basin).

To achieve this, a new high-level collector was designed, 454 meters in length, from the last well of the existing low-level network, and an outflow collector from the WWTP to the discharge point in the Torrent dels Caus, 308 meters in length.

The project scope included a three-month commissioning period and one year of plant operation.