Salé WWTP (Morocco)
Type of work:
Urban water treatment
  • 10,000 m3/d


  • 150,000

    Inhabitants supplied

Salé WWTP (Morocco)

Lantania, in a joint venture with the local company Atner, is carrying out the construction of the Salé WWTP. This action will provide a solution for the treatment of wastewater from the urban area of this Moroccan city and will also install a new outfall that will direct the discharges to the new treatment plant, guaranteeing adequate discharge conditions to the receiving watercourse.

The new treatment plant will have a treatment capacity for a population equivalent of 150,000 inhabitants and a daily flow of 10,000 cubic metres. The planned actions for the water line will consist of pretreatment, extended aeration biological treatment, nutrient, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and tertiary treatment. And, for the sludge line, thickening and drying.

Salé is a city located on the Moroccan Atlantic coast which, together with the capital Rabat, forms one of the large metropolitan areas of Morocco.