Remodelling of the Mérida and Badajoz railway stations
Type of work:
Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator (ADIF)
  • 1,800 m3


  • 3,200 m2

    Granite flooring

  • 2,600 m2


  • 4,100 m


  • 3,700 t

    Demolition waste

Remodelling of the Mérida and Badajoz railway stations

The complete refurbishment of the platforms, accesses and passenger buildings at the stations of Mérida and Badajoz, providing them with all the services required to accommodate the high-speed railway, was carried out by Lantania, in a joint venture with Estel Ingeniería y Obras.

As part of the works, the concrete shelters of the platforms of both stations were partially cut to adjust the building restrictions to the High Speed Line, as well as the renovation of surfaces and facilities. All project activities were executed while the stations were in service, without affecting rail traffic. The work at Mérida station, the largest and busiest station in the Extremadura network, focussed on creating a new space clearly identified from the access plaza, where the pedestrian area is separate from the vehicular traffic area. In addition, a commercial and customer service area was added to the terminal building.

At Badajoz station, the outside space was reorganised, giving priority to pedestrian traffic over vehicular traffic, with a large square added to the neighbourhood itself. A comprehensive refurbishment of the terminal’s interior spaces was also made.

Both works stuck to common criteria and were guided by four principles: urban integration, architectural remodelling of building facades, universal accessibility and improvement of the travel experience through the introduction of new technologies and ADIF spaces for travellers.