Electrical connection system for Almudévar reservoir (Huesca)
Type of work:
Almudévar reservoir JV

Electrical connection system for Almudévar reservoir (Huesca)

As part of the works for the Amudévar reservoir construction project, Lantania is carrying out the electrical connection system, made up of two independent installations:

  1. 132 kV PLHUS Endesa-Embalse de Almudévar power line, 11.6 km long, in a double-circuit configuration with one cable per phase, with the following characteristics:
    • Number of towers: 38.
    • Type of foundations: four legs and monoblock, depending on the supports (tension and suspension).
    • Cable type: a single cable per phase, LA-380 type.
    • Earth wire: optical fibre, OPGW type.

The connection to the Endesa PLHUS substation from the overhead part is made by an undergronund concreted trench with an AI 1000 cable from an overhead to underground transition support.


  1. Electrical substation 132/6.6 kV, consisting of:
    • A 132 kV switchyard, with single-bar configuration, with four positions.
    • Two 132/6.6 kV 20/25 MVA transformers, one for the pumping mode and the other for generation.
    • A 6.6 kV farm, with MT cells, auxiliary service panels, batteries and communication and control equipment.